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P.S. you may or may not know that Ueshiba (and others) have said atemi is a major part of aikido (50-90%). You should be able to strike effectively, but maybe your sensei expects you to do this training within your own time. Maybe ask your sensei to show you more atemi points.

In many ways Aikido is like Jujitsu; similar technqiues etc. However aikido is usually less formalised in that (theoretically) you should be able to do any technique from any attack, and you should also be able to change technques. Also, aikido concentrates on the basics, so when you are in a novel situation all you have to do is deal with the basics. I would certainly not like to defend from someone attacking me with a crowbar in a jujitsu style (probably break my arms).

It is possibly worth making sure your uke attacks with more serious intent, and maybe you should take up karate, taekwondo, boxing as well if you feel your own striking is lacking.


(sorry to repeat what you said Jakob! you sneaked past me before I could do my P.S.!)
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