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Re: Aikido and being Christian

I used to want to prove everything in life (I am a scientist by training/schooling). As I have gotten older I have "let go" of needing to do so. Somethings simply just exist.

We all have our own realities. That is unrefutable. and they are equally real for both. A blind person cannot see the color of the sky, but the concept of the sky is no less real for them than it is for me, and they might not be able to experience it in the same there are two realities, and they may be contradictory.

The issue I think you really have is judgemental in nature. Not that we have two different realities or interpretations, but which one is correct. I say they both are.

If I may be presumptious, I believe your conflict arises in the fact that you believe that dogmatically from a biblical perspective that there can be only one truth...hence your struggle.

I cannot say that you are incorrect in your beliefs.

My own personal opinion is that the struggle you are facing is a big part of the world's problems today. Some people think that they have all the truths and that others that hold different opinions or have different belief systems contrary are wrong. Dualistic belief is what causes this conflict. Some how we must resolve this by simply accepting that it is OKAY to have different realities, beliefs, and values. It is possible for things to co-exist.

I am not implying that we are condeming anyone or any belief, so don't take my comments as directed at you. I completely understand that you are simply seeking to understand! The fact that you are seeking means your are open minded and looking to understand!

Also remember, O'Sensei said that there is room for all religions in aikido. Jesus said there is room for all in his house.

I would recommend you read some of Joseph Campbell's books on mythology, religion etc. They are non-dogmatic and are a sociological point of view on human's, religion, and the interpretation of this. He goes a long way to explaining how all religions, spiritual practices, and basic human value systems are similar.

I am sure if you looked through the bible you'd find ways to interpret things and even find analogies for KI etc.
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