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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Kevin Leavitt wrote:
Jo, My point exactly (in the other thread). Really what difference does it make what I think, or you think?

There are many different ways to experience things and different paradigms. To me, it is not important for another to understand or embrace my experience....only to embrace their own.

The important part is that each of us is exploring and seeking for answers through them.

Sara, you are correct to ask the questions, it means you are thinking about the concepts and exploring them...that is a good thing. This is how you learn.

In the end, it will be up to you to make up your own mind what KI means to you. It really is different things to different people and that is really okay. There is no right answer to what KI is.

One thing that troubles me about Western Philosophy and logic is that we as westerners really must have empircal evidence or proof...we like things that are black and white.

Just like you said in the other thread, Sara, like the bible some things you just have to have faith and there is no empirical evidence.

Gravity is a good example. It is probably as close to a universal truth as you can get on earth. Everyone is affected by it, but everyone experiences it differently depending on your background, knowledg, and situation. Your experiences sitting in your chair will be much different than your experience falling from 14,000 feet!

Thanks for another reply. I mean, I want to believe that ki can be whatever I make it ... but I don't really see how I can. I mean, supposedly I can have my own reality of what ki is and you can have yours ..and they're both equally ok. Would both our realities equally be real? If so, how can two contradicting realities really exist at the same time? Then what you said about us making things so black and white seemed to make sense (how we always want to use logic or proof) , but then ..if you refute logic with relativism, doesn't it lose its relative status?

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