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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Jo Adell wrote:
Sarah, i was funning with you in the other thread i just answered. But Ki is something that means different things to different people and the only way to have any understanding of it is to experience it yourself. No two people feel anything the same way, an Ki can only be "felt" it can't be seen or touched or measured (unless you're Ki Society, and i don't pretend to know how they do that).

Ever feel your hands tingling for no reason? That's ki. Ever feel the wind moving through your fingers when you wave your hand? Thats ki.
Ki is no more supernatural than gravity. It is just there, in the trees, in the air, in your body.

And you can choose to completely believe in it, or completely dismiss it from your reality, cuz it doesn't care what We think it is. It just is.

And i'm sure this isn't giving you the answer that you want, i'm not sure anybody but You can do that. Best...

No, I mean I seriously do appreciate your reply. And I have no doubt that "ki" is there. I believe what everyone feels is so real. I guess I just wonder why you think it's ki? ..and how do you know it's in everything and flows through us all? how do you know it's just like gravity? is it possible that what you feel is ki could be something totally different? I'm sorry I'm being difficult, but I can't help but wonder

-- Sarah
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