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arvin m.
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Pressure points and control

HI all,

Wonderful thing going on here, just thought i could ask a few questions of interest. Pressure points are incredibly effective when using technique:for example n irminage, when taking the uke down to the mat, my sensei grabbed me by the back of my neck and applied pressure to an region smewhre below the back of my ears with his fingertips. I was wondering if anyoneis familiar with this and could tell me where the pressure point is...cuz i got trouble bringing my ukes down to the mat sometimes during the tenkan move of irminage. Also, could someone highlight where the pressure points on the upper torso(pectorals) and the throat are..on second thought the throat one is actually a bunch of veins right? Oh, and where is the sciatic nerve along the thigh, how can find it? Thanx guys...take care
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