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Re: Re-entering training after knee injury

I would err on the side of caution.

I injured my left knee during aikido training in 1974 and had an operation to remove part of the meniscus two years later. I followed a programme of rehabilitation (for various reasons this had to be at a different hospital from the one where I had the operation), but my consultant was very unhappy with the programme that was followed. It was far too vigorous and put too much strain on the knee at too early a stage. He cautioned that the joint could well become arthritic later in life. In addition, like you I was itching to get back to practise and went on the mat too soon.

With the result that in 2004, my left knee causes problems. I had an MRI recently and my doctor told me that there was debilitation of the meniscus, probably the consequence of the earlier rehabilitation, coupled with more wear and tear over the years. He suggested that an operation might be necessary (similar to the one that Ken Cottier had recently\if you know him: I believe that he visits SA occasionally). I am now more convinced than ever that aikido injuries simply sleep: they do not go away.

On the other hand, Tada Sensei recently told me that the real answer lies in kokyuu-hou\and he is a blisteringly healthy 73-year old 9th dan. His eyesight is bad, but he has no other injuries whatsoever.

You give no indication of what the injuries and re-injuries were, so it is difficult to give advice other than the obvious, which is, as the Japanese would say in matters pertaining to illness and injuries: O-daiji-ni.

Best regards,

P A Goldsbury
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