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I aggree that the better you are at tori you will be better at being a good uke 90 % of the time. but then there are people like me who are better ukes than Toris. yes they are entwined. lately by wrist are getting more flexable and my balance is better so people have been having a harder time doing kote gashi. even the sempies ( 1, 2, 3,4 kuys) are having a harder time. at frist they thought I was competing but then they whee twisting my hand and not using there body. I told them to use their bodys and it gets closer till they really use there whole being. me I have learned to bee a better uke, and also my tori has improved because of this!! it is facinating. My sensi tells me to make sure the sempis do it right ( he says that he is having a harder time throwing me and says I am not competing and I am not) so... but the fact is you learn your tecnuqe with both roles.

Dallas Adolphsen
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