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Re: What is the nature of modern fighting

Aikido is a modern martial art and in some ways is adapted for our more peaceful times (and don't believe they aren't more peaceful - in the middle ages in Britain 1 in 20 men died from violent causes).

Many martial arts were dervied for various different reasons:
-coepeira (slaves in chains)
-okinawan karate (unarmed civilians against armed civilians)
-aiki-jitsu (unarmed defence which could be integrated with armed defence for fighters who are often both armed)
- kungfu (integrated health and defence of the home)

Today (outside of war) fights are:
- predominantly (but not exclusively) unarmed
- often about male status (posturing rather than deadly)
- alcohol related

The non-lethal nature of aikido and ability to reduce aggression in a situation I think makes it ideal for modern fights; and it's lethal heritage (through aikijitsu) make it easily adaptable for more serious situations or where there is a break down of civil law in a country.

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