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Re: What is the nature of modern fighting

I agree with what Mr. Gary said with "Techniques are simply an outward expression (or manifestation) of physical presence - but that presence is defined by inward understanding.

Practical application is simply what one does in response to a situation - and that response is dictated by mind, not technique.

All styles are useful, and yet all are useless without proper principle"

It usually isn't the style, but the person that wins in a fight. But as for Aikido, I believe that it is the other's aggression, which will defeat him. I think there is no way to truly prepare for a fight because there is no way to know when, where, or how it is going to happen. Aikido helps by training us to deal with the aggresion and violence in a simple way, by resolving the situation in one swift movement. The longer the fight, the more danger there is. I have found in practice, that the harder someone attacks, and provides strong resistance, the easier it is to perfom technique. Like O'Sensei said, "Who can resist non-resistance?" Will this help me if someone seriously tries to take me out? Well, with my training, a little luck, the rest is up to god.

-John Matsushima
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