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Question Re: Aikido and being Christian

Ted Ehara wrote:
"After all, the power of Gravity is not of God so it must be of Satan, and is not something with which a Christian should have anything to do."

.. ok firstly, the power of gravity is natural, not supernatural. nature is of God because He created it. Gravity is science is supernatural. God did not create evil; He created Satan (who was once good;Lucifer). Lucifer turned against God with his free will, therefore evil then existed. Satan did not create evil either .. evil is only the absence of God. (just as cold is the absence of heat and dark is the absence of light)

soo so can't even compare the two. I mean, I did sense the sarcasm .. but still.

Anyway, so "energies" in the supernatural world have to have a source ... God or Satan.

I only joined this community because I want to learn more about Ki. My bf is pretty into it, and he wants to teach me ..but I'm pretty leary about it. That's why I want to learn all I can first. I've accepted Jesus, so it's important to me that I know the source of ki it good or is it evil? Can anyone give me evidence that it's not evil? Or evidence that it is? I mean, I'm seriously open to any opinions ... because after reading what everyone's said, I'm pretty confused. All I want to know is the truth.

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