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Re: Meditation trouble

Have you received systematic instruction from a qualified teacher? Just as in aikido, meditation is widely misunderstood and needs to be learned from a teacher, not from a book or video.
There are Always sensations in your body. Sometimes you just become more aware of them because your mind has quieted. Sometimes it is due to the way you are sitting, and is a simple matter of proper posture and skeletal support. Sometimes it is an indication of something from our past, coming up for resolution- the body remembers everything that has ever happened to you, including your dreams and things that you'd think were so insignificant now but were major traumas when they happened.When you "let go" of these traumas it is as though the body is remembering what it felt when the trauma happened.Or of letting go of something you thought you needed "to be you"- it hurts to lose what we think of as our identity.
In meditation instruction we are taught to be aware of sensation, of emotions, of thoughts, and to just Let them Be there. There is a time for DOing Something about things, meditation is a time for Observing Whatever is there with out reaction or judgement.


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