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Re: Falling in love with Sensei

Wow, I just came back for reminecing(sp?)purposes and I saw this thread with more replies recently! Anyways, to respond...yes it was a real situation and I am not a made up person. He is quite older than I am or was two years ago (25), but after two years this is what happend.
I gave the situation time, even though I felt I was in love with him. The feelings were mutual, but nothing could be done as I found out he had a partner that I hadn't meant. So what can you do right? I haven't been to the dojo in awhile and she started training there as well. I stuck around for a bit and all was good, I got over my feelings and moved on. It was more lust than love, but these terms seem to downplay the situation. I'm sure many other students have gone through something similar, so I hope this thread has helped to shed light on this subject.
I learned that no matter what the feelings are and if they are directed toward Sensei or another aikidoka, that the emotions are real and surprisingly enough, being on the mat can guide you to the answer. A cheesy cliche but we learn about ourselves through the dojo experience and sometimes patience is the best way to deal with something in order to get a better perspective. People can give advice, but in the end the decisions and choices are yours. Thankfully we have time to aid in life altering choices.
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