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Re: Chinese Martial Arts and Aikido

Maybe taoist orientated but I don't think its taoist derived. Similarly, it might be reasonable to say that Japanese martial arts derived its ancestry from Chinese martial arts, in particular through the same route as had the Chinese martial arts derived its ancestry from India; the shaolin monks.

Kung Fu as you know it, was taught to the chinese monks by an indian monk so as to facilitate their rigorous training and meditation.
That's a common claim among many martial artists, but I have yet to see any evidence of Damo actually teaching the Shaolin monks. I have seen evidence against it.

Either way, Shaolin was not the source of all Chinese martial arts. The Chinese had their own methods of fighting (such as shuai chiao) long before the "Shaolin" styles were formed.

People with no training can fight, so how much imagination does it take to consider the possibility that civilizations can find out how to fight on their own and develop their own methods?

I'm not saying that styles haven't influenced eachother, but martial arts did not spring from any one source.

If that myth is true (that Damo/Boddidharma brought martial arts from India to China and then it spread to Korea and Japan), then what about Greek martial arts (wrestling, boxing, and pankration)? Were those the predecessors of Indian martial arts?
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