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Abu Dhabi
Re: The Zen of Jazz.....

Although I gave up drumming "professionally", I still feel an over-powering need to play again. Some day I hope to meet like-minded individuals who are into free form improvisation. When I did this in the past, it was way more inspiring than any gig I ever played.

I would love to meet just a few such players - go into a rehearsal room; say nothing, and just start playing. Afterall, music is the International and Spiritual language. Unfortunately, playing my drums at home is a no no! The whole street would go crazy! Besides, I wouldn't have the room for my kit. But some day.....

Playing a musical instrument is akin to letting go and perhaps even touching on transcendence. I used to play drums a lot, on my own in a rehearsal room - and just lose myself. I often wonder if this is what "enlightenment" is like.

I miss playing so much. I love jazz, but many other styles too, and recently I bought the new DVD "RUSH in Rio". Neil Peart was one of my early influences in my teens - and boy, I still love his playing with RUSH.

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