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Re: is there a correct learning path?

Adrian Moore wrote:
Dont get me wrong, i'm not a grade chaser.. and i also enjoy trainig with all levels, it helps immensely. i guess i was just a bit worried i was throw in at the deep end as it seemed i was just supposed to know things.. my sensei's are very approachable, so there is no problem when i cannot do something.

like i said i am really enjoying it, which is why i want to make sure i am doing it right..
Don't worry Adrian, most aikido clubs I've visited work this way. No-one expects you to know more than you do. If you're working on a complicated technique, just concentrate on where to put your feet and keeping a good posture (or whatever your sensei says you should be working on!) and if your partner is working on a different level, don't worry about it. That's the fun part of aikido practise I think that everybody is practicing together.

The plus side is that when it comes time to test for the higher grades you'll have done those techniques as well from the beginning, so they don't come as a big ugly shock.

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