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is there a correct learning path?

Hi everyone,

I've been training in Aikikai Aikido now for a few weeks and am totaly obsessed with it. it's such a great martial art to learn and i've been going three/four times a week! however, one thing i dont get is the learning strategy.. let me explain myself..

i used to train in karate when i was very young, and i remember distinctly when you start you learn stances, then basic punches, kicks etc..basically, it was structured.

but when i train in Aikido, only the first lesson when i learnt rolls, falls etc did i feel i was learning the correct thing at the correct time.

there are people of all abilities training, quite a few 1st Dans and we are all doing the same thing. surely there are things i need to be learning specifically for my 6th Kyu?

someone explain!

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