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Originally posted by PeterR

Well exactly how much experience do you have? Both Karl and I have extensive experience in Shodokan and you seem to be describing something that we are unfamiliar with.

KAMI : My Dear Peter,

You ask how much experience do I have? Very little and I never pretended to be an expert.You and Karl (as you correctly pointed out) have much more experience than I. What I said (read again my post) is that my personal experience (little as it is) and my son's is the one we posted there. No more, no less...

Based on what I've seen in non-competitive dojos the source of rampant egos has little to do with competition.

KAMI : Rampant egos, of course, aren't privy to any style of Aikido or even elsewhere...

Really - the size of the International events grows each and every time they are held. True, there are dojos and members that do not compete, it is not a requirement and why should it be.

KAMI : About members that do not compete, that's what I said. About the growing size of events, could you please give me some numbers?

Tanto and Toshu - I forwarded a letter to you from a senior Honbu instructor with respect to your question - seems you ignore or twist things that don't fit your theory.

KAMI : I may be absent minded in my old age but, believe me, never a "twister". Could you please tell me where in the Senior Hombu Instrutor's letter was anything denying what I said (the temporary dismissal of Toshu Randori and its possible revival) ?

Good techniques are rare - well that's the whole point. Those who compete learn very quickly how difficult it is to pull off techniques which look good in a dojo.

KAMI : I believe that's exactly what I said.

Sorry Ubaldo that is exactly what you are doing (quote : "pontificating on TA"). Excuse my frustration but my reaction is constantly - where does he get this stuff. I suggest you have far less experience of Shodokan than you think or at the very least your prejudices are clouding your vision.

KAMI : Peter, wherever you got this idea that I have a "great" experience of Tomiki Aikido? I have asked and I have questioned. It has been very difficult, since the emotional content has been very high. Excuse me, but sometimes you take things very personally and you react as if you were being insulted. It's really easy to shut me up :
a) prove to me that Shodokan's competitions do not usually present bad techniques;
b) show me numbers demonstrating the increase of championships and tournaments;
c) prove to me that Toshu Randori wasn't tried and abandoned;
d) I ask questions - Do not answer me with "I think", "I believe", "IT IS!", "I don't think so" .
If you are not so disposed or if you haven't got the time, please spare me! I do not refuse to accept facts, it's just that nothing till now has answered my questions.
And by the way, you only see what you wish. Karl Kuhn said that "I had no experience". I told him I had (some, at least). You take my words as implying I was pretending to have "great experience, at least greater than yours or Karl's". I didn't say that, you did.

I have given up trying to explain to you, you have your ideas, but it is very hard for me to sit still and not counter. Each and every point you raise has been answered before and its like water off a duck's back. I am not after converts to Shodokan but I would rather people be exposed to an informed source.
KAMI : Sorry to hear that, Peter. And I don't think "each and every point" I made "has been answered before". And your last point worries me. It might be construed to mean that only an elite of experts could write in this Forum about anything. Remember, Peter, I asked questions and presented doubts and opinions. My small experience with Shodokan has been in two states and in two different lines. I presented what I saw there. Everybody was free to disagree and write in response (even you). I always answered everyone and unlike you I never questioned anyone's degree of knowledge. This is a free forum, Peter, and everybody is welcome to write and got answers. That's all. If you can't convince others, so what? Perhaps you could explain things a little better, perhaps you have no time to explain things to people you believe are dishonest in his positions ("someone that ignores or twist things that don't fit their theory").
But just saying they are dishonest, is not answering them.
Sincerely sorry for your outburst

P.S. Also it should be remembered, Peter, that to have an extensive knowledge of things (as you and Karl) does not mean to be above making mistakes. Everybody, including this friend of yours, makes them...

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