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Re: Problems with Ukemi

Bronson Diffin wrote:
I agree with Janet. I came very close to giving myself a chronic injury because I was too stubborn to stop training to let it heal.

Let it heal. See a doctor or physical therapist. I had to have mine immobilized for a while to let it heal, you may need something similar.

Set yourself a solo training regimen for the time you're absent from the dojo:

The advice about a layoff is sound. I've seen several big guys hurt their shoulders learning forward rolls. The teacher of that dojo insisted that folk learn forward rolls from standing in their first lesson. Some never came back. When you return, take the advice about staying low.

I have my beginners start with back rolls and then reverse them. They put both knees on the mat with one leg extended backward. Then they put the arm on the same side as the forward leg way back so that their elbows are past their groin. This puts their shoulders almost on the mat so that there's very little impact upon the roll. Just "melt" into the mat like this. You can work up to rolling.

Good luck.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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