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Re: Friendship Seminar Videos

Don J. Modesto wrote:
Now Szczepanonfolksagain, where would Darwin been had he stayed in HIS own style, biology? One third of his theory missing--"survival of the fittest" from Adam Smith in economics whom he borrowed it from.

Cross pollination discourages stagnation and inbreeding. Shingon tantrism, sumo, judo, Yagyu Jujutsu, Kashima Shin ryu kenjutsu, DR aikijujutsu, jukendo, Omotokyo--what a promiscuous fellow you must think Osensei!
O sensei, and others God-like creatures may have capacity to syntesis wide range of arts right in the beginning, but we, mortals, better stick to our teachers first few years.

Before talking about stagnation, may be interesting to learn how to attack properly LOL then, how about the basics? Otherwise one starts to develop Golf&Aikido Hilarous ryu.


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