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Then why bother asking.

I believe that if Tori has a good uke his training will be enhanced and since both want to get something out of the training the roles will have to be reversed. If your uke is not up to scratch your partner will probably look elsewhere.

Are the skills of uke directly applied to the skills of Tori. Not really. At the most simple level, tori's job is to maintain balance, uke's is to lose it.

Originally posted by Matt Banks
Hi I just want to talk about the poll.
It went along the lines of ''Do you think having good ukemi and being a good uke, helps you to be a good tory''.

I expected a 100% yes vote. But there were some No answers also. I cant understand the reason for peoeple voting no. Could anyone own up too answering NO to the above and explain your views.

Matt Banks

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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