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Kristina Morris wrote:
Does this mean that the majority of people who train in Aikikai believe in Ki even though it is not necessarily taught in the dojo?
Probably. I've been to quite a number of Aikikai dojo in which people talked openly about "ki."

I don't think that "Aikikai" necessarily means that the dojo is a "non-ki" dojo.
Or, can a person vote more than once, thus throwing off the poll?
I'm hoping that's not the case. I do have a simple check to try to keep this from happening...

Or, do the majority of folks on this forum believe in the existence of Ki whether they train in Aikido or not?

Is there another way these polls can be compiled?
Perhaps. I could do a more "in-depth" survey rather than the simplistic poll on the front page. It might be interesting, huh?

-- Jun

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