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Charles Hill
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Re: Aikido and being Christian

I think it would be interesting to remember that Morihei Ueshiba`s martial arts teacher and spiritual teacher were different people. Ueshiba had studied martial arts intensively and then met Onisaburo Deguchi who encouraged him to apply the spiritual teachings to his MA practice. I imagine that a person of any religion could listen to the teachings and then go to Aikido practice and then ask him/herself, "How does what I learned at church, temple,etc apply here?" That, in my opinion, would be following Ueshiba`s example. My only caveat would be that it is important to have a teacher, not just study a book on one`s own. I think that following Christianity (zen, Judiasm,etc) by just reading a book would be like learning aikido from a book, a very bad idea.

Charles Hill
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