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Re: "No Ego in Aikido" News Article

[quote=Xu Wenfung]
R. Haruo Hori wrote:
Don't worry Larry. As we're just a sport, I figure I might be able to convince Shihan to go all the way! By the time you arrive for the World Championships, I hope for the following to be in place:
  • First and foremost, the afformentioned aikicheerleaders ("Gimme a 'sho'! Gimme a 'men'! Gimme an 'a'! Gimme a 'te'! What've you got?!? SHOMENATE!!!" <insert pompom (or fan as suggested by Michael Cardwell) waving here>)
  • Having coverage on a major network, with play-by-play and colour announcers ("A beautiful aigamaeate there, Bob!" "I don't care where you're from, Jim, that had to hurt!")
  • WWE-style enterances for each aikidoka, complete with pyrotechnics and theme music(I call LL Cool J's Mama Said Knock You Out)
  • Endorsements ("I'll only ukemi on Adidis mats!" "My Nike dogi gave the comfort and maneuverability to take the gold!")
  • Set up something with a casino in Vegas, so we can get some betting action going on ("10:1 that Sakai's going to win the men's enbu with a oshitaoshi. 20:1 if it's from seiza!")
  • Protesters outside for some extra publicity and controvery (Ideally, chanting some kind of slogan like "Put the ki back in aikido!")

Ha ha ha, can we move this thread to the humour section...
I have just spilt my morning Java on my keyboard!!!

I can imagine that how does Tomiki Style Aikido can becomes sports entertainment, that's great if it has hardcore match including there!

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