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Fred Little
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Re: Different dojo populations...

Bronson Diffin wrote:
I think I would have a hard time training in this environment on a regular basis.

We are encouraged and expected to teach during class. In my sensei's class there is some attention paid to rank. Usually the lower ranked person waits to be asked by the higher ranked person before giving advice. In my class we tend to have a free flowing exchange of info across the board.

Bronson --

It's not a hard and fast rule, just a norm. When folks want to detail things they had difficulty with during class, there's always after class.

And I know that I screw up regularly and talk more than I ought.

The point is to gently encourage people to come back to a place where, to riff off of some of George's language, classtime is a time when people get to work through their own process of observing, trying, observing what worked and didn't work, trying again, and so forth.

The underlying concept, as best I understand it, is that however well intentioned, too much help, whether from a teacher or fellow student, short-circuits that process in a way that may help someone to nail a particular technical sequence, but doesn't help them learn how to learn with their own brain and body.

But a variety of approaches across dojo allows a better long-term experiment, eh?

Best regards,

Fred Little
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