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Re: Different dojo populations...

Hanna Björk wrote:
Personally I ended up in liking the teacher to actively disencourage uke-teaching. I have trained in such dojos as well, so I know what I like and I know how I liked my students to behave and not.
Well, yes. Except that my experience has been that most of my teachers also very gently but firmly discouraged not only uke-teaching, but most forms of verbal class participant teaching, whether uke, nage, kohai, or sempai.

One is particularly fond of a ground rule she picked up from a class taught by Don Angier at the first Aiki Expo: "No private classes in my class."

The tricky part when teaching the class is to show clearly without telling, something most of us in the West need work on.

If the instructor talks a lot, the students do too. That seems to be gender independent in my experience.

Hope this helps,


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