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Re: Modern weapond

I hesitate to announce it, but I am considered a master of KI-BORED-DO. This relatively new combative budo is gaining respect and recognition through this new fangled system called The Internet.

Based upon the ancient premise that "The Pen is Mightier than The Sword" practitioners of KI-BORED-DO face off against an unknown number of opponents in an arena built in the ether. What happens is that one person will throw out an innocuous comment which is then replied to and analyzed and criticized or possibly applauded (this is usually done at higher levels).

These responses are then focused on and the melee that ensues is sometimes so complex and interrelated that no one really knows who the victor is. Of course, a *true* KI-BORED-DOIST always knows in the deep, dark depths of his (or her) heart whether they made a good showing or not.

Ego is such a fragile thing that facing this arena is sometimes a harsh and difficult journey where you may find your opinion on things that you thought you knew changing beyond recognition. It takes a strong mind to reach the point of excellence we should all strive for in any of our studies.

To practice this dreaded art you need to have too much time on your hands, Plenty of Ki's with letters set on them to poke at randomly and a video monitor to show you what your many opponents are doing.

Interested parties may apply to

Seriously in KI,


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