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Modern weapond

Dear serious aikidokas...
a spin off from the I wanna kick and punch thread..(Only serious practitioner need reply)

I know being in a deadly and serious art such as aikido we need to constantly upgrade our skills set. So my question to all is do you all practice using modern weapond?

Let me start by saying I a hachidan in mobile-phono-uchi-dori-do. This art enables the practitioner to accurately throw a heavy set mobile phone towards the nose of a uke at a dostance of 50 yards. Additionally I am also a skilled warrior in the art of paper-clip atemi-do (i.e., able to use paper-clip to accuratelly hit an uke's vital points). All these skills are very useful in the modern context as I am always surronded by mobile phone and paper-clip.

So do any of you all have other hidden talents using modern weapond?

Yours in serious aiki,

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