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Re: Shodokan DVD's now available.

Joe Bannon wrote:
Are they in english?
Being all done in the U.S. I believe all the instructional videos are in English.

Due to Paypal limitations regarding my country and credit cards I haven't been able to order any of the Videos as yet, so I have to go the long way of filling out actual forms, faxing etc.

Bronson, though I haven't seen em yet, based on the descriptions I'd say the second video in the list - 5/99 Chicago, IL Senseis Nettles, Nevin, Vargas and Watanabe.

This one covers two of the three main katas that are at the core of Shodokan - The Randori no Kata or Junanahon and the Go Shin no Kata or Koryu Dai San. These 2 kata also cover part of the grading requirements from 5th Kyu to 3rd Dan.

The randori training tips and drills should give an insight into the resistance based randori that we employ for training and in Shiai. So I guess the second is the best bet for an overview, although the 1st and 3rd videos in the list also has a lot of stuff regarding the kyu grade syllabus that is not in the video I just outlined. Ideally the first 3 videos should cover all the gradings and the randori stuff.

Hope this helps.

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