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Re: "No Ego in Aikido" News Article

Larry Camejo wrote:
So... Hori-san since you're at Shodokan Honbu can you toss this idea to Nariyama Shihan and get his views? You can tell him Peter thought of it.
Aikiweb members will realize that Larry is way over in Trinidad. Nice and safe.

Sport? Well not a view held at Honbu but I have heard certain Tomiki groups abroad who see it primarily as such. Personally I think they miss the point but each his own.

Cheerleaders and extra short hakama? Hmmm. We'ld have to do something about the dogi pants. I mean it's silly seeing the cuffs showing through a full length version. Besides, I think the full length hakama worn right, by the right woman, is gorgeous.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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