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Zato Ichi
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Re: "No Ego in Aikido" News Article

While the TKD thing was totally off base, at least drawing the connection with judo had some merit: both were derived from jujutsu styles (in judo's case, more than one) and have many very similar concepts, and there is some overlap with nagewaza (i.e. maeotoshi, sumiotoshi, hikiotoshi). Of course, Tomiki had the idea that aikido and judo were the same budo, just at different distances.

Jordan Steele wrote:
Aikido is not a sport (except for Tomiki...and even that is borderline).
Please tell me Jordan, as I'm dying to know: how is Tomiki aikido a sport? Is this based solely on the type of randori we do? Is it the aikicheerleaders?

Wait a minute... that's not a bad idea!
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