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Re: "No Ego in Aikido" News Article

...incorporates techniques from other martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do and judo.
Was I the only one who felt a twist in my stomach when they read this line? I'm sorry but it makes Aikido sound like some sort of TaeKwonJudo mish mash. A bit of incorrect information here.

The "Competition nurtures ego" line is another interesting one, since I think any of us who have taken part in competition or practice the training method may know exactly how seriously humbling it is when your pretty little kata form goes to crap when you have someone else there trying to do the same to you and is refusing to fall. I think competition and the training method used is one of the best ways to demolish an overactive Aiki-ego.

Either way I hope things work out nicely for them. University training in Aikido tends to have an atmosphere all it's own and can be a lot of fun.


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