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Jordan Steele
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Re: "No Ego in Aikido" News Article

I only read about 3/4 of that article and am seriously doubting the knowledge and understanding of the person that wrote it and the people that supplied him with information. First of all, Aikido's techniques do not originate from the Korean Tae Kwon Do and its resemblance to Judo is mimimal. Secondly Aikido is or can be one the most combat effective arts seeing as its techniques came from the oldest form of unarmed samurai combat...Jujitsu. Also, it has been my experience that Aikidoists, whether they admit it or not have exceptionally large egos, myself included but we have an ability of disguising it by being humble and modest. Aikido is not a sport (except for Tomiki...and even that is borderline). I imagine that dojo trains with a much different attitude than it should to get to the heart of Aikido, but I am totally appauled at the false statements and lack of valid information.
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