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Re: Different dojo populations...

Ian Hurst wrote:
could people please decide whether they acknowledge gender distinctions in ma or not and argue consistently?
... so either everything is gender, or nothing? No, I don't think so...

If this thread digresses to be about gender differences in MA, maybe I deserve it but I would find it a pity.

Regarding your point about "young males like to teach" comment - we all get that from the young males, they're little bastards, the lot of 'em. I'd actually have to fall back on the stock "society's to blame guv" in that most women, even higher grades, often don't give the direct and rude smackdown they need in order to impress on them that you are the one that knows what they're doing, not them and they should shut up.
Basically, you say that women handle this the wrong way and that is why they feel it is a problem. Be it my fault that I don't make them shut up or not, the situation is there. We who don't like uke teaching maybe will go someplace else... and so the teaching-liking population is preserving itself, as group dynamics often do.

As a kyu grade, I never felt I could do anything about them. Shutting down my technique with muscle when they knew what was coming was easy. I had however little chance to shut down theirs, even if they did the technique no better or worse than I did. Personally I ended up in liking the teacher to actively disencourage uke-teaching. I have trained in such dojos as well, so I know what I like and I know how I liked my students to behave and not.

The first time I did something drastically about it, was a week after my shodan test and this teen kid kept resisting in a multitude of awkward ways while telling me what to do. I got instantly angry ("I thought this was over after shodan!") and showed him his groin was open to attack, without hitting but with obvious aggressive intent. He started to wrestle me, I did my best to remain in control. The instructor scolded me for being too hard on him. Well, probably I could have chosen a better target, he just happened to be the first one after my shodan test...
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