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Re: Group versus Individual

Hanna Björk wrote:
Well Larry, guess why I asked for examples...

In the previous thread, regarding pregnancy, break falls were mentioned as something pregnant women should not do and because of this they would desturb this flow in the dojo. I have never seen someone not doing break falls disturbing anything at all! Therefore I supposed there was a difference. Was I wrong?
To be a bit more precise, very many people in the last thread indicated that break falls would be disallowed for pregnant women due to safety reasons, this includes kata training and what the rest of the Aikido world refers to as randori. Only the Shodokan folks indicated that this could disrupt the flow of practice in the specific case of the sort of randori we do.

There is a difference in the training methods of the different schools, unless the majority of Aikido schools give one person a tanto and gives that peson 1 or 2 minutes to make sure and sink the blade at least half way into his empty handed partner as many times as possible via a stabbing motion while resisting any attempts to stop him by applying atemi waza for throwing as well, while allowing the empty handed partner to also resist being stabbed as much as possible by seriously attempting to put down the attacker, throw him or make him tap out with an inescapable joint lock.

If one does not understand the nature of the practice system one cannot understand the nature of the point being made. The point is that the pregnant woman would not be safe in this sort of practice and should be made to sit it out for safety reasons or go practice something less strenuous. Depending on the numbers involved in that class (even or odd), her sitting out may mean 1 other person having to sit down as well, as someone else in the room would not have a partner to train with for randori. This disrupts the practice of the other individual who is conforming to the group practice, but has the misfortune of having to sit out because of the person who needs to be accomodated for safety reasons. On a physical level, having to sit out disrupts the rhythm of that person's training and by extension any cardiovascular fitness work he may have been doing as he now has to sit and cool off after having already accelerated his heart rate to a certain level, probably having to start it all back up again when the next turn comes and someone else has to sit down for lack of a partner and repeat the process his associate just went through. The fact is, this same situation can apply to a myriad of things that can happen in the dojo, such as folks who have injuries etc. Regardless of the reason, either accomodations need to be made by the instructor or if this becomes an ongoing thing that disrupts practice, the person may need to find another place to train. In the case of pregnancy, hopefully this disruption is not a regular thing once the baby is born and bodies return to normal.

I have actually had people leave our dojo because they were unable to perform well in even low resistance randori due to things like ankle and knee injuries. They wanted to train, but also realised that the rest of the class would sort of grind down to their pace when doing randori (and they did not want to short change their class mates, since had they been able to perfrom they would not want to be short changed either) and I think they also realised that the joints would have given in had they continued pushing them. As such they chose to leave, but the door is always open if they want to start again.

Just my thoughts.

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