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Anders Bjonback
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Re: Different Perspectives and Aikido

You know, I don't think that a relationship is impossible between someone who has dedicated their life to a certain religion or path, and someone who doesn't share that same path, as long as there is a sense of mutual respect and well, love. Being really into your faith doesn't necessarily mean you're fundamentalist. I mean, I'm Buddhist and want to devote my entire life to my spiritual path. But that doesn't mean I consider any one else's point of view wrong... but I do think that, personally, I would have a hard time being in a relationship with someone who had views about the world and how to live one's life that were totally opposite of my own. But that doesn't necessarily have to do with the label Buddhist, per se.

"For peace and happiness are presences, not objects we can grasp and hold onto."
--Lilian Smith
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