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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Kato, Hiroshi in San Jose, CA

We just had a seminar in Houston with Kato sensei and followed with a weekend seminar in Corpus Christi. We had 71 attendees from 20 different Aikido dojos in our Houston Seminar. There were people from all affiliations and everyone was grateful for the opportunity to train with Kato sensei. He had just come back from a seminar in Brazil where there were 380 participants there. Kato sensei showed a variety of techniques emphasizing the flow of ki, the concentration of power, the nature of circular movement and the use of the hips to move the center. He also spent time correcting us for basic mistakes we were making. We had one from Hawaii, two from Chicago, as well as people from all over Texas. We also had well known figures from the world of budo like Dr. Phil Farmer, the president of the U.S. Yoseikan Budo Federation and John Farrell, and 8th degree shihan in Oyama style karate.
I encourage those in the vicinity of San Jose to attend this seminar if possible.
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"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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