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Johann Yaeger
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Re: Different Perspectives and Aikido

Christianity and religion are not the same thing. I am not going to qualify this statement in length. So religion is bondage and Christianity is a way of life. It is also tolerant and slow to anger, it is forgiving and accepting though not condoning of acts or things outside of its dogmas. Which I think is reasonable. I am Christian and I practice Aikido. But sometimes I keep it to myself so that others might not trip on what I do or what they perceive that i do. Because plenty God squaders do it. Its great. Some just live in cotton wool worlds and aren't open minded enough.
I'm pretty fundamental when it comes to the Bible and its teachings, but I am liberal in the delivery of this fundamentalism. People have feelings, or so I'm told, so we have to be gentle. Christ was gentle, is gentle. It is not an option for me it is a call to love everyone, disregarding what they say or do, to me, themselves or others. And there is the key word "others". It is not about "me". Too much has been blamed on religion and America for that matter. It is not a case of religion or country, colour, race, creed. But an ego thing.
Yes. No. Go away?
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