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Charles Hill
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Re: When Can an Instructor Stop Training?

Michael Stuempel wrote:
One of the instructors I was talking about sometimes had classes where he would throw out questions to the students asking what they thought of this or that, or how that came about or what made this technique effective. Invariably he would throw something out there that he didn't have a firm answer to himself. We'd give him different thoughts and he refute them pretty solidly. When no one had any more ideas we'd ask for the answer. His response was sometimes "I don't know. I haven't figured that one out myself yet".
Hi Micheal,

Was this a Japanese teacher? If it was, as I`ve said before, Yoshinkan is in some ways so ahead of the rest of us!

As for the topic, I think that Aikido is so complex and deep that there is no way to answer the question unless you yourself (me, myself) hit that level. Until then, it is just guesswork.

Charles Hill
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