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Melissa Fischer
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Re: Poll: Is inducing physical pain in others necessary in getting better at aikido?

Seems to me threat of pain is OK and discomfort is OK, but injury pain on purpose is counter to the spirit of Aiki. If I pin someone in Nikyo and they bounce up out of it, they'll be hurting themselves.If i throw someone into kotegaeshi who doesn't have a clue as to the Ukemi, they'll get hurt.I need to be more sensitive, they need to get better at Ukemi.I guess that's why we study Ukemi half the time we're on the mat.
There are probably people around who purposely throw and pin with more than "minimum force". If it's lack of skill, it'll go away with helpful feedback and more training, if it's intentional, they'll likely have trouble finding a dojo to train in.
I am currently icing a bruised knuckle as I often do after the adv. weapons class.I could minimize the possibility of pain by not going to adv.weapons, or I could assume the risk, call it the price of getting better and hope to improve before I lose all use of both hands. I know which I choose.


"Pain is weakness leaving the body" US Marine Corps
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