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Re: Aikido and being Christian

Well said Goetz! seek the truth. don't buy what others tell you.

I would like to answer something Mr. Hay said
Jesus said quite unequivocally that he was "the Way, the Truth, and the Life" and that no man could come to (God) the Father but by him. (Jn. 14:6) In other words, no one finds God through any other means than Jesus. The "all streams empty into the ocean" philosophy is antithetical to this teaching of Jesus.
I suggest a different interpretation of the words - remember it's been tranlated, transposed, and transcribed, so, try this on: "I EMBODY the way the truth and the life, unless you partake of this approach to the infinite, you won't get there" I believe the lord Jesus was saying "I am the universe".

(If i am to be stoned, I don't live in Tampa, I moved to Mumbai, India!!!)

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