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Re: When Can an Instructor Stop Training?


What exactly do you see as the aim of martial arts? Personally it enriches my life by I don't expect everyone to have the same desires and requirements.

I choose Pierre as my example because he is for me an inspirational role model. From him I have learned to develop my mind as well as my body and to make a choice.

What I am trying to convey is that these individuals also have the right to chose how they live their lives, and how they practice.

I have a very clear picture of the type of seniors you describe. I know many and hopefully do not place myself it this bracket since I prefer to be recognized as someone constantly working to improve.

But I respect their choice...they have earned it.

I think I train pretty hard...3 sessions a week and I go for it. It used to be 6 sessions but my life re-emerged.

But I know I'm no shaolin monk conditioned to perfection - I just try to be as good as I can.

What exactly constitutes an acceptable level of physical practice?

Do you think the shaolin monks have a forum criticizing us aikido peeps for not living in monasteries and living martial training 24 by 7?
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