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Re: When Can an Instructor Stop Training?

Tim Rohr wrote:
For your position that their training does not affect you, I would disagree with you. Even you allow that if you stop learning from them that you would need to move on to another teacher, so in so far as that, they *have* impacted your training.
I'm not sure that it would really impact me, unless I have decided to to stop learning myself. By the time I have stopped learning from said instructor, I should already be well on my own path and able move on without it really affecting me.

Tim Rohr wrote:
I think there is a great benefit to actually being a student in another's class, in dropping out of the instructor role, in training the mind to stop thinking of the training in terms of answers (that they must be ready to provide), but in terms of questions (that they must be willing to pose).
When I lived in Japan, the head of my association was 75 years old back then. He only taught once a month, and on special keiko days. Otherwise he attended class almost every day and just plain trained, being uke for anyone that asked.

It's an individual mindset, my only concern is that I maintain it .



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