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Re: When Can an Instructor Stop Training?

Tim Rohr wrote:
Michael and Daren, I agree that there is a difference between training and learning, and understand how you both applied that to your high ranking instructors. However, I would counter by saying that there is learning that can specifically only be gained by training, and not just by taking ukemi, but by taking part in a class. More on that in a minute, but would you agree?
I would agree of course that there is learning that can only be achieved by practice - If not then it would in theory be possible to learn aikido without ever practicing. Aikido must be experienced to absorb it.

However you are using this to counter my thoughts that it is down to the individual to set their training pattern. In this case we are talking specifically about experienced instructors. My feeling is that for them the negatives of pushing an elderly frame through a physical class may outweigh any benefits to be gained from adding a few hours to the considerable investment they have already made in terms of mat hours.

As stated previously this in no way inhibits the contribution they can make to the development of those around them which almost always outweights the benefit that they may take from classes.

There is no way I want to criticise those that give back the benefits of their experience for having the common sense to protect their own health and physical well being.

As an example ..I train with Pierre Chassang who is in his upper 80s. He has forgotten more Aikido than so many so called seniors will ever know. If he wanted to sit in a deck chair sipping a glass of chilled wine on the corner of the tatami I'd be happy to have him there.

His frame of mind is that he will only wear a white belt as he considers himself to still be learning.

Who on earth can suggest they are in a position to offer this man advice on how to organise his training schedule!!
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