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Re: When Can an Instructor Stop Training?

Who can say when an instructor should stop training? I think its down to every individual to set their own training goals and regulate them.

If they dont feel up to the physical side of practice no matter, it doesn't stop them from providing a platform for the development of the class. As instructors this is what they do...isn't it?

I've seen many seniors standing around and watching beginners hammer each other. I'll admit to thinking they were lazy perhaps when I was less experienced ...but put the shoe on the other foot. Do these guys with 20 - 30 years experience need to practice like beginners? not in my view.

Personally I like the phyical side of practice....but thats for me. My aikido is mine and mine alone and I wouldn't want to judge others for their personal choice.

If you swap training for Learning then its a different ball game. Any one that has nothing left to learn is dead. Anyone that believes they have nothing to learn is a wee bit arrogant!



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