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Re: When Can an Instructor Stop Training?

Hi Peter,

Personally, I would say "yes" to your question, and I would mean that "yes" across the board - ukemi is central in terms of physical conditioning, tactical insight and martial integrity, and spiritual cultivation. But that's just my take - I was making an assumption.

Can I ask then,

Do we not learn anything worth continuing to take ukemi whenver we are taking ukemi from people less skilled than we are in the art, or with lower rank than we have? Is there a cut-off point when that happens? Or does that just happen when we are instructors - is it just when we are teachers that taking ukemi from folks that are less skilled than we are becomes unworthy of continuing its practice on a regular basis?

I think I would answer these questions differntly than your last post woud suggest you would. My reason has to do with me holding that training isn't just about learning. A huge part of training is about being, and that means its about doing, and at some level that is going to mean something akin to "repetition for its own sake". That is to say, I'm not so sure we should engage in the practice only if learning something new is deemed possible or probable. We should just engage in the practice because it is the practice. For some reason your reply makes me think about that.

What do you (all) think?

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