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Re: Shoulder pain in break falls

Most of my 40 plus years in weight training have been equivocal, because I was doing it on my own. Recently got the help of an exercise physiologist - i've demonstrated the range of movements of the various martial arts I do, and he has architected a training program specific to both that and whole body integration of movement (including Olympic style lifts). Like any other discipline, one needs a teacher. I had a leading Beijing T'ai chi teacher tell me that most of the t'ai chi he saw in the west reminded him of ghosts - limp armed, flacid. I've heard a similarly dismissive comments about a lot of yoga from master teachers of Ashtanga. My only point here is that like anything else, high level function requires high level teaching (BTW - my first rolfer was Ida Rolf's son - which proves the limits of lineage - truly a vile experience - I've had wonderful rolfers since, including one who reset a vertebrae using a combination of alignment with me moving against resistance - totally unlike a chiropractic adjustment).

All of that said, I stand by my recommendation re the shoulder. Breakfalls are high impact, and the stabilizers and connective tissue needs to be both strong and flexible.


Ellis Amdur

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