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Re: Aikido on a wasp

in the 1970's martial arts came to america. there was a tv show called 'kung fu' starring david carradine. its message, was love, harmony and universality 'dude'. the show sold cuz david carradine kicked someone's butt each episode; at least he usually left them breathing. ANNNNYWAY:

one episode he was trapped underground. he had his usual flashback (did i mention '70's?) that was never drug induced, and the lesson was about loving your enemy. a scorpion approached him, and despite his torpor he shielded the little buggy from harm and it showed him the way out of his predicament. i cried. what a marvelous lesson!!--------------------------man, i was a sissy back then!

bridget, may i suggest a water based pyrethrin insecticide - won't stain your lampshades, won't make you twitch, like some pesticides, and kills dem buggies dead!!! oh yeah.

life is sacred man, unless it's stinging, biting, or otherwise trying to kill you!!!!! i eat alligator, and shark every chance i get - just so i know i had them first if they ever get me!

harmony! harmony! ow! kill that thing!

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