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Re: High-ranking women in Aikido

Originally posted by Kami

But we should remember that the number of male aikidoka far exceeds that of women aikidoka. That might be one of the reasons.
Best regards and good keiko
Of course that is the reason. I wasn't really wanting to make any other assertions about the reasons. I just wanted to know "who" because there are fewer women involved in aikido than men, and I would like to see how far they have progressed in their training.

I'm looking for inspiration.

For example, when I was about 9 years old I started TKD but I didn't join until I saw a female black belt. I saw that women could do martial arts. Even at my 31 years of age, I still look up to women who have made a name for themselves in a male-dominated world -- aikido or otherwise.

Anne Marie
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