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Originally posted by lt-rentaroo

Anne Marie, are you one of the high ranking women Aikido Instructors that was not included in the "list"?
Not unless 5th kyu has become a high rank within the past year and a half. So No, I'm HARDLY a high ranking anything in aikido. Do I have to be a high rank to ask about the list?

But, I train with a 5th dan, Penny Bernath, Aikikai. I was just curious to see who the "high-ranking" women were. As a women, it is nice to have high ranking role models to look up to.

From my understanding is that at each rank down the numbers grow exponentially. So we have one 7th dan and a few 6th dan females, but others have indicated that the numbers get much larger at 5th dan. But among the men the numbers get much larger at 6th dan.

I could identify most of the names on the list except Lee Ah Loi. Thanks for the clarification.

Take care,
Anne Marie
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