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Kristina Morris
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Ki vs Aikikai

Well, maybe a better subject line would have been Ki vs Aikikai Statistics.
Not _even_ interested in a Ki War or the various Aikikai dojos that might address the teaching of Ki in the kyu ranks and above. I am interested in how the statistics of the polls play out. I also noticed that the poll asking what type of dojos people trained in (Affiliation) shows the 2nd largest number coming from independent dojos.
What I am suggesting(according to the Poll) is that on this AikiWeb Forum, the majority of subscribers are Aikikai students who believe in the existence of Ki. Or, if you look at the statistics from another viewpoint - the remaining 46% of subscribers from the other Aikido organizations repesent the Ki believers.

I'm not disputing whether Ki is taught or not. I am questioning and showing an interest in how the statistics play out. I find the Polls to be one of the 1st areas I look at on this forum. The questions are good and the results are surprising.

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